Abbott Martin Group with eXp Realty has a record-breaking 2022

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Abbott Martin Group with eXp Realty has a record-breaking 2022

We are so proud of our team in 2022.  It was a record breaking year for our company, but was one of the most difficult years to navigate. It was a very different year during the first half of the year, compared to the second half as our market started shifting.

This industry requires a lot of mental and physical strength as you take the weight on your shoulders to provide a solution for your customers.  Emotions can be at an all time high as you deal with people's largest investments.  You are required to be the calmest one in the room during the chaos, when you may want to scream or shed a tear. We care deeply for customers and it is hard not to take the hardships of this business home at times. There is so much more sacrifice than many would ever think.  You are required to find solutions during the most difficult times such as losing a loved one, divorce, market shifts, lending challenges, cancelled contracts, financial loss, and so many other things we have to navigate, while also trying to be there for our family and their needs.

There is also so much reward in this business.  The relationships you create along this journey are the ultimate reward. You are in a position to truly create an impact for others that can last through generations of lifetimes.  There is not a better feeling than helping someone discover those special memories by successfully securing their new home or vacation property along this beautiful Emerald Coast, which is a healing place.  We also love helping our customers win big financially on their investments.

The Abbott Martin Group lives to serve our customers high regard through all markets and situations. Our focus is to build a legacy on creating a positive impact for our customers, our community, and our team. Our customers mean so much more to us that a transaction will ever create.  We will never give up towards finding you a positive outcome!  

Thank you for believing in us! Sending our forever gratitude for your relationship!  If we can ever be of service to you along our coast, it would be our absolute honor to serve you in 2023. 

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